Suz Great Day in the Park

Taken August 28, 2015 – 50 years old

I’m 50 years old and have been a health “fanatic” since I was 19.  This is all about “age reversal”.  I do everything in my power to look better every day, many people have even commented that I am like fine wine – “I get better as I get older”-  but only because it’s a constant process.  Anti-aging “products” are generally all you hear about… is the term “anti-aging”.  No one seems to want to talk about how to reverse aging…. or “age reversal” products.   I’m here to talk to you about real things that you can do to reverse the aging process… and, ultimately, age gracefully.  You can literally reverse aging a little bit at a time – in everything that you do – just as Suzanne Somers does and looks great as a result.  You, too, can fight this otherwise downhill battle, by not “giving up or giving in” to aging.  That’s why I recommend phytoceramide supplements (capsules) and cream to all my readers

I have been combating the aging process for over twenty years now.  I started at 29 when I saw my first wrinkle. In case you’re wondering, yes, I was using sunscreen.  But, thinking I had to have a little “color” on my fair skin in order to look good, when I was already cute as a button, I tried going to a tanning salon.  I only went a few times before I noticed a tiny wrinkle under my eyes for the first time.  Those little goggles they give you are supposed to protect your eyes, but who knew that going to the tanning salon TWICE would cause permanent wrinkles?   I can’t believe that I let them convince me it was safe. My health awareness didn’t start there, as I was a health fanatic for ten years prior, and I still believed them.  My hands and feet were turning orange at one time from juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, and drinking so much carrot juice.


Today, I don’t drink as much fresh juice as I used to, but everything I do is with one thing in mind – and that is to remain as young as possible as I age, and to age gracefully.  Over the years I have learned so much in so many areas I could literally show you ways to reverse aging in your own home .  I could go through your pantry, your bathroom, and even under your kitchen sink and completely renovate your household replacing unhealthy products that are just contributing to your health issues, and replace them with better products that work equally as well, saving you from all those chemicals that are toxic to your system that you don’t even know about…. but the biggest shortcut you’ll ever discover to aging gracefully, and actually turning back the pages of time is by using phytoceramides, both in capsule form and topically.

Reverse Aging With Foods

If I were to go through your pantry, I could show you where to buy food that you love that is healthier, even if we’re talking mac ‘n cheese, that you are going to love. You can reverse aging by simply upgrading to more quality foods, while still enjoying the same.  Not only are they healthier, but they taste great, without all the additives that only cause you to maintain extra weight or to be sluggish in the middle of the day.  Supplements are great, but not everyone will take them.  If phytoceramides are the only supplements you take, you will slow down the aging process by healing your body from the inside out – merely by using phytoceramide supplements (capsules) and the topical cream.

By altering the foods you eat, you will begin to get into the habit of looking at labels and the more you learn, let me tell you, it’s addicting… the more you will want to learn. I could show you how to cook healthier meals, and if you don’t know how to cook, I could easily show you how fun it can be.  Rather than picking up a fast food meal on the way home, you can stop by the grocery store instead and throw a meal together while you change your clothes… it’s that simple.  The best part is the health benefits as a result of making changes concerning the foods that you eat will actually reverse the signs of aging (inflammation on your face) and keep you younger looking for the rest of your life (to reduce inflammation and have a glowing complexion – which is why I recommend phytoceramides).  Instead of 70, for example, you may look 50.    I ran into a cousin a few years ago and we were talking about age, and I told him that I will be 50 in a few years.  His response?  “Come on, Suzanne, you’re not going to look 50 until you’re at least 70.”  No one knows why, they just think it’s because I’m naturally that way… while my other nieces and nephews came back from the store with a bag of Rolos and were already 40+ pounds overweight. If you make these changes now, they will not only last you the rest of your life, but you will look better, have more energy and feel great about yourself.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying not to indulge in your faves now and then like pizza (although there are healthier ways of eating these foods that you love on an every day basis, I’m referring to a pizza joint) because it’s okay to eat what you want…. just a healthier form of it.   In fact, you can even eat more of the healthier form of pizza and not gain weight.  As with french fries, for example, you can eat four times the amount of sweet potato fries as regular french fries and not gain weight, and they are healthier and more nutritious for you at the same time.  I wouldn’t recommend a bag of Rolos unless you are going to share, and make it last a while.  Limiting what you love to eat that is that bad for you, such as a Snickers bar or bag of Rolos, and indulging in healthy dark chocolate will actually help you combat the aging process.  Dark chocolate is so much healthier for you, that you can actually feel good about eating it.

When you gain weight, the secret is to recognize that you are now heavier for the next few days, and you can either (1) add to it and get fatter by making the same choices; or (2) eat lighter until you get back into your jeans.  It’s really that simple.  I will eat rice noodles and thai food or sushi or fish and veggie sides, or protein over salads, and other lighter things until my waist goes back down to normal.  Then, I’m free to eat pretty much what I want, but try to stay away from food that will make me fat.

Snacks are the biggest thing that can easily add to your weight.  Everyone loves to pig out, especially in the evenings when you aren’t supposed to eat after a certain time before going to bed. Try to eat fresh items like oranges, apple sauce, yogurt or strawberries – or fresh fruit over vanilla yogurt, or frozen yogurt, or wheat thins… but try to stick to healthier snacks if you are going to snack, or limit the less healthy choices by putting what you are going to eat in a bowl, rather than eating out of the bag, before you find yourself eating the whole bag all by yourself.

Reverse Aging Through Personal Hygiene Products

Your personal hygiene is so important when it comes to reversing your aging process, whether you are 20 or 40… you need to be aware of what you are putting on your skin if you want to reverse the aging of your skin. Whether you purchase expensive products, or not, for their great ingredients, they still have chemicals that are absorbed through your skin.   In the homemade beauty recipes I talk about on this site, you will know exactly what you are putting on your skin, like oatmeal and honey and lemon juice, or whatever the recipe calls for, for example.  It’s not like the recipes are going to have you get a list of items you have never heard of, much less don’t know how to say or know where to find.  These are all natural ingredients you can get at a regular grocery store or even a health food store.  The amount you spend is nominal, but will be a little more for the higher quality, organic ingredients.  This way, you are in control of how much you spend and which recipe you select. The money you will save and the age-reversal you will see from the instant results of more hydrated skin will amaze you.  Instead of going to a beauty professional every 3-4 weeks, you can treat yourself to a detoxifying bath while your hair soaks in a wonderfully moisturizing hair mask and the skin on your face and neck tightens with a hydrating anti-aging mask every week if you want to, or even more frequently if you have the time.  The money you will save will be more like doing this 10 times to your one beauty treatment every month, and you are in control of what you put on your face, hair and skin.   Why is it important?  The toxins are irritants, so you can spend a ton of money on products that promise you the world with a few great ingredients, but the chemicals they put in them will only cause problems such as inflammation due to the irritants and how they respond to your skin.

Reverse Aging With DIY Household Cleaning Products

Under your kitchen sink is where most people store their Windex for cleaning windows, floor cleaners, and other household cleaners.  You may not even think when you purchase these items because you’ve been using the same products for years, or may not be aware that you are coming into contact with these cleaners every time you use them.  If you want to expedite the aging process, go for it.  If you want to slow it down and reverse aging, don’t get near them. Most people don’t think industrial strength cleaners won’t have an impact on your health.  However, if you are like me and your dog got really sick, only to find out that he had 22 industrial household cleaners clogging his immune system that needed to be cleansed and cleared from his body before he could heal, that would make you think twice about the products you are using on your floors and countertops, etc.  Your toddlers, children, family, pets walk barefoot, sit, lay or crawl on these floors.  You don’t just want them clean, but you want to make sure that your family is not going to get sick from the chemicals being absorbed through the skin…. and I’m not referring to while they are still wet from recently having been mopped.  After they dry, you still absorb them through your skin and they become toxic causing all sorts of degenerative diseases that cannot even be diagnosed most of the time… so you continue using them without even knowing the harm you are causing from that one purchase decision. As a bonus to the beauty cookbook, we provide you with some wonderful homemade do it yourself household cleaners, detergents, soaps and other recipes that you can make at home and have confidence about what you are doing.  When your pets, kids or grandkids crawl on your floors, you will feel good about what you are doing to protect them… at least in your house. Pest control is another issue, at least with me.  I got so sick after walking on grass that was sprayed to kill the crickets that they had to clean my blood over 20 times.  They took it out, cleansed it, and put it back in, and I was lethargic for several days afterward each time.  It would come out looking like dark wine, and go back in after being cleansed with oxygen looking like a bright cherry red.  This went on for nearly 9 months, before my veins would not allow any more needles to take the blood out or put it back in.  Just imagine if I didn’t go to that doctor and came down with other symptoms that a regular doctor wouldn’t know what to do about.   I could be searching for what is wrong with me after all these years, and symptom after symptom after being exposed to these chemicals. Chemicals are not to be taken lightly, nor is the food you eat. There was a study about pork, and children who are fed pork products 2-3 times per week are at risk of coming down with leukemia 9x more than children who do not eat pork.  In fact, the eating for your blood type book will tell you, as you look through every single blood type, which foods are good for you, which are neutral, and which are adverse (or bad for you).  Every single blood type has pork as being adverse for your system. Yes, it may taste great, but your body cannot metabolize it for some reason, which is why I had to forego my favorite boneless ribs and my favorite BBQ sauce in the crock pot recipe to come home to after a long day — years ago.  A small sacrifice for my family’s overall health.  NOTE:  We can replace these “favorites” with healthier meat products.

…Becoming more aware is just a starting point to reverse aging.   It’s addicting, and there is a lot to learn, but years down the road… you’ll be glad that you did.

If you want to reverse aging, you can’t just use a cream. True age-reversal is eliminating everything in your life that your body reacts to in an inflammatory fashion.  Chemicals cause your body to react.  All these toxins are stored in your body.  Cleansing them out of your body is a good start, and from that point on reducing and limiting, and ultimately eliminating as many as possible is where you want to be.  Meanwhile, feed every cell in your body the nutrition that it needs in order to run on an optimal level, and you, my dear friend, have not only slowed down the aging process, but have literally reversed it from proceeding… at least for now.  Your efforts will increase every year and, ultimately, in ten or twenty years, you may just feel better than you do today or have for the past ten or twenty years.  Then and only then will you understand what I’m trying to tell you and help direct you toward reversing your overall aging process.