In my phytoceramide review, I explain everything I’ve experience after I first began taking phytoceramides from the first 12 hours to the first several days, several weeks, and so on. I still take phytoceramides and that video was taken nearly a year ago!

Some people have commented that they don’t believe that I saw results in the first 12 hours. Well, when you suddenly have bumps on your thighs, would you be concerned? I cleansed my liver, thinking that would do it, took different types of Omega-3 oils, such as flax seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, evening primrose oil, etc., and even took purifiers… and nothing worked. I had been trying to get rid of these bumps on my legs for months, having no idea what the cause is. You can’t really see them, but I can feel them, so it made me feel uncomfortable.

What a surprise it was, when I took the phytoceramides the first time on a Saturday evening before going to bed and the next morning, on Sunday, that was the first thing that I noticed… not just how smooth my skin was, but wow! All the bumps were gone, and my legs were super smooth! My arms were smooth, my shoulders, and what I could feel of my back… not just my face. My complexion was bright and clear, and I could literally see a difference.

At a funeral, when I got to visit with several of my family members that I literally never otherwise see, my cousin looked awful. She teased me about my phytoceramides when I was telling everyone about them, since everyone was commenting on my hair (which no one ever did before) and she took one right in front of me. Well, the next day her complexion looked radiant. So, whoever is thinking you won’t see instant results? You’re nuts to say something that short of actually trying the product and then saying you didn’t see any results until taking it for a few days, or whatever. If you don’t believe it, then perhaps you should try it and see for yourself how exciting it is to see results – to actually see results is very exciting (and impressive)!

It’s funny….. I spoke with a friend of mine for a long time, at least 30 minutes, before either one of us thought to bring up phytoceramides. When he mentioned he was taking them, and ever since he started he no longer needed a facial, I said the same thing! I exclaimed “here, I’m so excited about the product, and you of all people I should be telling about because you’re like me, you like to go for your monthly facial… and it slipped my mind! That’s the most exciting change I’ve made since I spoke with you last! Here both of us have been using it, and neither one of us feel the need for our monthly facials now that we’re taking phytoceramides”. It was good to get confirmation from a friend on the other side of the states (Florida) telling me he is experiencing the same thing since he recently discovered phytoceramides. He’s not even gay. My brother is, and I’d expect to hear that from my brother, but not from my other friend, so it was fun to get that confirmation.

It used to be that between facials, here, you look great for the first week, then you go back to looking more drab, until you can finally get in for another facial so you can look great. Once I started taking phytoceramides, it pretty much replaced my monthly facials. Estheticians say that your skin rejuvenates every 21 days, so you have a facial about once per month…. but with phytoceramides, your cells are constantly hydrating all four layers of your skin and you consistently look great. Take them at night and look great in the morning. Use the cream, too, for topical application, and you have a win-win… your body heals itself from the inside out with the phytoceramide supplements and from the outside in with the topical cream you can place directly on your problem areas!

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