Taken August 28, 2015 I am 50 years old and look 30!

Taken August 28, 2015
I am 50 years old and look 30!

All phytoceramides are not created equal, which is why you really need to read the reviews of the users of different brands. Some will tell you how fast they started seeing results, and others will tell you about the actual results that they have seen by using phytoceramides.


Now if you have a malabsorption disease like celiac disease to where you can’t eat wheat or other things, there are gluten free phytoceramides. Phytoceramides are made from rice, wheat, or sweet potatos (and probably other plant sources). I prefer the sweet potato phytoceramides, because I tried a brand made from rice and didn’t see a difference like I did within the first 12 hours with sweet potatos, but then again, even some of the brands made from sweet potatoes might have better ratings or success rates than others. They will all benefit you, but I like to see fast results!

Compare Phytoceramides

When comparing phytoceramides, don’t just look at the price. Be sure to read the extra ingredients and the reviews, and even take a peak at the different sellers of the same product. Some might have faster shipping than others, or one might not have as good of feedback as the other… or one shipper might be much closer to you, which may reach you faster when contemplating shipping options.